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Cat Food

Raw Diets
Canned Food
Kibble Diets

Raw diets are the closest to the ancestral diet that you can get. They are high in moisture and contain unprocessed meats, organs, bones, fruits and vegetables. Raw diets are easy to digest and help with teeth, skin, coats and breath. Don't like dealing with raw meat? We have freeze dried and dehydrated diets as well!

Canned diets are still high in moisture and usually have less carbohydrates. They are more processed than raw diets, but less processed than kibble diets. Most cans will have a higher meat content and little to no grain. 

Kibble is the most popular diet due to convenience and often times cost, it also has the widest variety of options. There are high protein, low protein, grain free and grain options. 

Cats are strictly carnivores in the wild and require a high protein diet.

They also need lots of moisture, chances are they are not drinking enough daily so if they can get extra from their food then that is a bonus. 


Almo Nature (cat)


Anderson’s Natural Pet Food


The Bear & The Rat Frozen Treats

Boulder Dog Food Compan

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Fussie Cat

Hound and Gatos

Tiki Cat


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