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Why Mac-n-Charlie's?

Mac-n-Charlie’s Pet Stop is named after owner Jenni’s two daughters.  Jenni has over 18 years in the pet industry under her belt, and a long-lasting passion for animals that started at a young age. It all started when her dad got into weight pulling and eventually this led to dog sledding, a sport that captured her imagination. From there, she adopted her own Alaskan Malamute, Kobie, and this led to her interest and passion in pet wellness and nutrition. 


Jenni wants her two girls, Charlotte and Mackenzie, to grow up with the same passion and love for animals that she grew up with. Thus, the vision for Mac-n-Charlie’s was born!

charlotte and mackenzie 400.jpg
charlotte and koda 400.jpg

Meet Mac 

Mackenzie enjoys all animals, but definitely has a special way with cats! She is drawn to cats (or “meowy’s”, as she refers to them) and they seem drawn to her. She loves looking for animals everywhere she goes and her favorite place to visit is the zoo! 

Meet Charlie

Growing up alongside an Alaskan Malamute and an Alaskan Malamute/Bernese Mountain Dog mix, Charlotte has always had an affinity with dogs. She has her very own dog, a Pomsky named Koda. Her dream right now is to live on a ranch so she can ride horses and have a daily life surrounded by animals. She loves coming to work with her mom, and adores meeting new people and their furry friends!

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